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An Early Form of Confession: Prayer of Hittite King Mursili II

Abstract: In the study of Hittite texts, the relationship between Hittite Prayers and confession has almost not been discussed home and abroad so far. According to the contents and the form of the Hittite Prayer texts, historically speaking, a few prayer texts of the Hittites have possibly already had some basic features of confession, and these Hittite prayer texts, to a certain extent, could be regarded as the early form of confessions.

Keywords: King of Hittite; prayer; confession; early form

Dr. Li Zheng is Professor at School of Foreign Languages in Peking University and Research Fellow of Centre for Eastern Literature Studies, Peking University. Graduated from IHAC, Northeast Normal University, he focuses his research on the history and cultures of ancient Anatolia. His recent publications include “The Biographical Value of the Historical Letters between Hittite King Hattusili III and Babylonian King Kadashimanenlil II” (Foreign Literatures, 2015) and “Evasion for the Elder? : The Biographical Study of the Deeds of Hittie King Suppiluliuma I” (Eastern Literatures, Peking University Press, 2016).