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Reshaping in Culture: Issues in Film Biography

Abstract: Humanistic biographical movies like Confucius, Mei Lanfang, and Qigong are three masterpieces featuring modern Chinese art and cultural traditions. They respectively represent Confucius the founding father of traditional Chinese culture, Mei Lanfang the master of Beijing Opera, and Qigong the master of arts, showing the spirit and unique charm of their personality, telling stories of their cultural perseverance and inheritance, and providing people with a better understanding of thebroad and profound Chinese culture and the essence of Confucianism.

Keywords: Confucius; Mei Lanfang; Qigong; humanistic biographical movie; culture

Quan Zhan is a Professor at Jingchu University of Technology, vice-president of the Chinese Association of Auto/Biography, and vice-president of the Biographical Society, CCLA. His academic interests include theory and criticism of auto/biography. His recent publications include “The Narratives of Three Biographies of Wan Li” (Journal of Modern Life Writing Studies, 6 (2015), and Auto/Biography: Observation and Reflection (Southwest China Normal University Press, 2016), etc.