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“Life is Elsewhere” and“ Poetry in Faraway Place”: Inspirations and Lessons from Euro-American Film Biographies of Women

Abstract: The theme of “Life is Elsewhere” has long been explained in European and American literature because of their long immigrant histories. It provided a frame of reference on the syndrome of “Poetry in Faraway Place” in modern Chinese society. Taking examples of biographic movies on European and American heroines, comparing the unevaluated the historical facts with the episodes in the movies, guides us read the states and thoughts in china effectively. The implication of the “Elsewhere” or “Faraway Place” should be multivariate, not a single one, and moving, not a stationary one. In terms of common customs, success or failure, the life is tough, even in so called“Poetry Faraway Place”; But in the long history run, from a perspective of human progress, “Life is Elsewhere” or “Poetry in Faraway Place” remains true.

Key words: “Life is Elsewhere”; “Poetry in Faraway Place”;Biographic Movies on European or American Heroines;the syndrome of “Poetry in Faraway Place ”in modern Chinese society.

Dr. Song Xiaoying is Professor of Comparative Literature in School of Literature at University of Jinan, China. She is the author of the books “On the Autobiographies written by Chinese-European and Chinese-American Authoresses”(2006) and “The Contradiction of Conceived Identity and Actual Existence: a Probe into the Overseas Chinese Writings and Retrospection on Chinese Literature Studies in Europe and America”(2016) and also the articles of “An Analysis of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature Studies in Europe”; “On the Misreading of Mo Yan’s Female Images in Northern-American Literary Critics”; “On the Unity of Opposites in Oversea Chinese Writings”; “Heterotopia or Utopia”; “The Implicit but Strong Resemblance: on the Comparative Studies on Sino-Occidental Killers form Humble Families ”. The projects included 1. “A Study on Autobiography of the North-American Chinese Writers”, The National Social Science Foundation of China, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, China. 2011. 2. “Construction and Utilization of Database for Overseas Chinese Literature Studies”, The Department of Education, Shandong Province, China. 2012.