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Lives of Ancient Famous Doctors: An Examination ofModern Chinese Scholar Ding Fubao’s Medical Biography

Abstract: Ding Fubao is a famous modern scholar and his Lives of Ancient Famous Doctors is brief biography published in 1909. It recorded thirty Chinese ancient famous doctors and four western medical scientists in the biographical form. Compared with other medical biographies in the Qing Dynasty, Lives of Ancient Famous Doctors is exquisite, short and distinctive. It is based on historical facts, starting from Bian Que(扁鹊) and Cang Gong(仓公) and excluding ancient witch doctors. All the selected biographical subjectshave hardevidences and authentic historical materials. While conveying the new knowledge, Ding Fubao was firmly guarding the Chinese traditional culture. The biographies of William Harvey, Edwaed Jenner, John Glasgow Kerr and Robert Koch in the appendix started the systematical introduction to foreign physicians in modern China.

Keywords: Lives of Ancient Famous Doctors;medical biography; Ding Fubao; Western Medicine Propagation to the East;Medical History

Author: Yang Yiwang, Ph.D. in Medicine, is Associate Professor of Medical History at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His research interests are Chinese and foreign medical history and medical characters study.His recent publications include “Research on Medical Characters from the Perspective of Psychohistory” (2016)and “A Study of Yun Tieqiao’s Medical Publishing Practice” (2015).Thispaper is part of the work in the project “Research on Edition of Anatomie Humaine at Home and Abroad” (IN: 2015BLS003), sponsored by Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Programme and the National Major Project “Collation and Research on Historical Documents of Scientific and Cultural Exchanges Between China and Foreign Countries”(IN. 10&ZD063), sponsored by China National Social Science Foundation.E-mail:13041627427@163.com