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The Artistic Stipulation of Biography: Retrieving the Writing Process of the Film Script Lu Xun: A Biography

AbstractThe making of the film “Lu Xun: A Biography” has its own historical background. Film biography often causes “anxiety”. Intrigued by the documentary Life of Lu Xun, “Lu Xun fever” witnesses a new age. Political leaders make highly positive comment on Lu Xun, to name just a few cases. But the script writing went into an impasse wherein the script was precipitated into an endless cycle of modification and discussion. As a result, the project went in vain.The essay argues that the reason for the failure is closely related to the genre of biography.

Keywords:Lu Xun:A Biography, revising, biography

AuthorWu CouchunPh.D.,is Associate Professor at Shangrao Normal University. Hisresearch interest is biography study.His recent publication isCreative Phenomenon Criticism Of Contemporary Chinese Biopics(2013). This paper is part of the work in the project “Research on the History of Lu Xun Biography” (IN: 15wx12) , sponsored by Jiangxi Province’s Twelfth Five-Year-Plan Social Science Programme.