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Life Writing, Europe, and New Media: A Review of the Fifth Biennial IABA-Europe Conference

Abstract: The fifth biennial IABA-Europe Conference focused on the innovative intersection between media and lifewriting, foregrounding the trans-textual and trans-media features of contemporary lifewriting. This review analyzes three central issues of the conference: the theorization of lifewriting in the media age, media and text, and the Great Diary Project. Not only did the conference discuss the production, reading and research of online life writing, it also attempted to combine the online with the offline, so to provide possibilities for the understanding of lifewriting today and further the development and update of life writing critique paradigms.

Keywords:IABA-Europe biennial conference; New Media, lifewriting

Author: Huang Rong is a Ph.D. candidate of Comparative and World Literature at the Institute of World Literature, School of Foreign Languages, Peking University (Beijing, 100871, China). Her research interests include World Englishliterature and lifewriting. Email:huangrong@pku.edu.cn