Zhu Jianli

Zhu Jianli

Zhu Jianli (1974—  ), Assistant research fellow, Institute of World History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS). Field of specialization: Russian history; Russian historiography; East European History; Biographical studies.


Main Publications:

“Reports on Bulgaria in Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals before and after the Social Transformation in Eastern Europe”, Bulgarian Historical Review (2015, 1-2), March, 2017, pp. 145-158.

“A Textual Research on ‘Krepostnoe pravo (Крепостное право)’”, World History Forum, Vol. 1, April 2015, pp. 153-159.

“An Observation of the Russian Political History in the 20th Century”, US-CHINA LAW REVIEW,Vol. 11,March, 2014, pp. 362-366.

“The origin of the Rus State”, The Symposium of Institute of World History of CASS, vol.6 (2008), JiangXi People’s Press, pp. 106-131.

“Kliuchevsky’s comments on the historical position of Boyarskaya Duma in the history of the development of national political system”, The Symposium of Institute of World History of CASS, vol.4 (2006), JiangXi People’s Press, pp. 339-373.