Chen Lingling

Address: School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 Dongchuan Road,Minhang District, Shanghai City, China. 200240



Chen Llingling1971—)is a Lecturer of School of Humanities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is specialized in life writing Studies, comparative literature.


Main Publications:

"Japanese Studies on Sima Qian and His Shiji since the Twentieth Century", Journal of Modern LifeWriting Studies,No.9, Autumn 2017

"Children’s Biography in Japan: from the Meiji Restoration to the End of World War II", Journal of Modern LifeWriting Studies,No.7, Autumn 2016

Note on Lu Xun's Ajin: the forth Memorandum of Lu Xun's Images of the Lowest Classes, Images of Intellectual ”Journal of Sun Yat-Sen University(Social Science Edition) , No.3,2015

Enlightenment of Love:  a Comparative Study of Lu Xun and Ibsen”, Dongyue Tribune, No.10,2014

Lu Xun and Hu Shi on Dissemination of Ibsen in China, Modern Chinese Literature Studies, No.9,2012

Expound the Influence of A Doll's House: "Zhongshendashi" and "Shangshi"Journal of Henan Normal University , No.4,2010

The Cultural Criticism on “Shangshi ” and “Ghosts”, Journal of Hunan University(Social Sciences),No.6,2009

Ibsen as Seen by Lu Xun in His Studying in Japan”, Luxun Studies Monthly, No.2,2005 

Hu Shi's view of life A representation of Ibsenism,Nagoya University: Multiculture,No.6,2006

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the Acceptance of Lu Xun from Ibsen in His Studying in JapanNagoya University: Multiculture, No.5,2005