Library and School of Law Carried out Learning Exchange of "Party Building Studies"

On the morning of July 13th, the library and the Koguan School of Law conducted a joint study of " Party Building Studies " and all members of the central team participated in it. First of all, everyone went to visit the CPC First Congress Site and reviewed the founding process of the Communist Party of China through the study of The Great Beginning—the display of the Creation History of Chinese Communist Party. Looking back to the past and staying true to the mission, everybody further enhanced his/her understanding and confidence in the party.

The subsequent "Party Building Studies" joint seminar was chaired by Wang Houji, party secretary of the School of Law. Pan Wei, the party secretary of the library, Chen Jin, curator of the library, and Wang Xianlin, the executive deputy director of the School of Law, successively expressed ideas and learning experience of the "Party Building Studies" seminar, after which they also exchanged opinions and ideas on library services and the establishment of the branch of the law.

The curator of the library Chen Jin proposed that the library and the School of Law have always had very close cooperation. This exchange is not only an expansion of both sides’ political theory learning format, but also an opportunity for mutual learning and discussion. Through face-to-face communication, one can share their opinion and together discuss how to provide better services for teachers and students. In the future, the library and the School of Law will further strengthen cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, jointly build an excellent branch of the law, so as to improve the overall level of library services and effectively implement "Party Building Studies".