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The Bibliography of Overseas Life Writing on Modern Chinese People

The tenth volume out of the project is a catalogue of biographical works collected by the nine research teams, covering up to 5,653 works, including 4,447 individual biographies and 1,206 collective ones. All these items are included in the “Multi-Lingual Full-Text Database of Overseas Life Writing on Modern Chinese People.” The catalogue includes works in 6 languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Japanese.


To ensure quick search for scholars of biography study, the catalogue lists the subjects by their names in pinyin order. Materials from different languages about the same subject are put in the order of Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German and Russian. Different materials from the same languages about the same subject are put according to their publication years.


There may be biographies of one subject in many languages. The listing order is Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German, and Russian. Such a deployment comes out of such language consideration: Chinese and Japanese are close, English, French and German are from Latin roots while Russian adopts Greek letters. Collective biographies are arranged after individual biographies.