Contemporary Chinese Biography

Shi Hui on Art: Devoting My Life to the Stage

Author: Shi Hui

Publisher: Beijing United Inc.

Publication Year: 2017

Genre: life writing


The book is a miscellaneous collection of Shi Hui’s life writing, including his short stories, proses, notes on films, various essays and over 200 photos of every day life, his work, poster, program, book cover, and newspaper clippings. Shui Hui’s chronology and the map of his activity across Beijing and Shanghai are, too, in the collection. It is the rich resource for the study of Shi Hui (1915 - ?), the great modern Chinese actor.

In Pursuit of Bodhi

Autobiographer: Cao Dewang

Publisher: People’s Publishing House

Publication Year: 2015


Cao Dewang is a sucessful entrepreneur in mainland China. In Pursuit of Bodhi tells Cao’s own life stories with his ups and downs in his career.