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Special Education and I: The Oral History of Piao Yongxin: Interweaving and Coincidence of Personal History and Special Educational History

Abstract: Special Education and I: Oral History of Piao Yongxin is the first oral history in the field of special education in contemporary China. As a witness, researcher and advocate of special education in contemporary China, Professor Piao Yongxin, the narrator, intends to reveal the inalienability of personal life experience and the development of special education. Therefore, integrating personal history into the history of special education as an integral part becomes the salient feature of this oral history. It also has strong historical value for the industry. At the same time, this oral history also implies the narrator’s expectation of and appeal to the general public for more attention to the special education and the disabled, endeavoring to change their marginalized situation.

Keywords: Piao Yongxin, oral history, special education, the disabled