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The Birth of a Story:From Einstein:His Life and Universe to Genius

Abstract:This paper aims to conduct a comparative study of the TV drama genius with its original Einstein: life and the universe to discover that they have obvious differences in the narrative sequence, the plot selection and the attitude to biographical truth. These differences arise from the different text goals of the two texts, for the biography EinsteinHis Life and Universe endeavors to faithfully tell about Einstein’s deeds in detail, while the TV drama genius is devoted to adapting Einstein's life experience to a literary story and attracting the general public. In this process where the biography EinsteinHis Life and Universe is adapted into the TV drama genius ,the biographical text actually becomes the TV playscript’s source for its adaptation, and the literary adaptation of the TV playscript in turn contributes to the emergence of Einstein’s legendary story.

Keywords:  EinsteinHis Life and UniverseGenius; the biographical text, the TV playscript