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A Martyr to Faith: The Death of Thomas More

Abstract: Thomas More is known all over the world, not only because of his book Utopia, but also because of Robert Bolt's well-known film A Man for all Seasons in which he was shaped as a hero. In the film, More was Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, honest and upright. He bitterly opposed the case of Henry VIII’s divorce. For this he was charged by Cromwell, who played the part of the villain. In order to ingratiate himself with Henry VIII, Cromwell bought off a mean person to claim that More had been guilty of corruption. Ultimately, More chose with a firm determination to walk to the scaffold. In reality, Thomas More's death was more complicated. It was closely related to his own character, his attitude towards marriage and religion along with his antagonism to the famous religious reformation launched by Martin Luther.

Keywords: Thomas More, utopia, Martin Luther, King Henry VIII