Volume 03, Number 02, 2015
Special Section: Interview
Life Writing Studies from 1970s to the Present Margaretta Jolly HTML
My Autobiography Study Paul John Eakin HTML
Special Section: Zi Zhi Tong Jian Study
The Biographical Value of Zi Zhi Tong Jian Yang Zhengrun HTML
The Intermittent Narrative: On the Biographical Art in Zi Zhi Tong Jian Liu Jialin HTML
Comparative Biography
The Subject and Identity in Early Chinese American Girl’s Autobiography: Second Daughter of the Family and Fifth Chinese Daughter Cheng Tsun-Jen HTML
The Giant’s Mottled Figure: A Comparative Study of Three Shakespeare’s Biographies Gong Like HTML
History of Life Writing
The Social Transformation and the Trajectory of Hagiography in Seventeenth-Century Britain Li Kaiping HTML
Text Study
Beteen Authenticity and Literariness: Reading Alice Munro:Writing Her Lives Chen Xi HTML
Autobiography Study
Anti-Egotistic Autobiography in Virginia Woolf’s A Sketch of the Past Yan Fang HTML
“The Virtual” and “the Real” in Hong Ying’s Autobiographical Novels Zhu Xuchen HTML
The Depth and Breadth of “the Margin” in the Autobiography of the Northern-American Chinese Women Song Xiaoying HTML
Sources of Helen Keller’s Happiness: Reading Helen Keller’s Autobiography The Story of My Life Xue Yufeng HTML
Subject Study
Sié Chéou-Kang in the Sino-French Cultural Exchange Tang Yuqing HTML
Factors of Tragedy in Oscar Wilde's Character Chen Ruihong HTML
Flowering Exile: Chinese Housewife, Diasporic Experience, and Literary Representation Da Zeng HTML
Material Interpretation
The Hands as Self-image: The Metaphor of Hand in Kafka’s Autobiographies Liang Qingbiao HTML
Franz Kafka’s Die Verwandlung and Its Illustrated Title Page: A Biographical Episode Zhao Shankui HTML
Material Examination
A Small Problem in Biography of Liang Sicheng against the Background of the Boom of Pictorial Biography Zhang Weina HTML
From the Life Writer
A Firm Advocate of National Sovereignty and Core Interests: The New Discovery in The Political Gale: A Biography of Wang Anshi Bi Baokui HTML
Academic Info
An Exotic Flower in Russian Culture: An Overview of Post-Soviet Life of Great People Zhang Lei HTML
Editor's Note Editor HTML
Call for Articles Editor HTML
From the Editor Editor HTML