Volume 04, Number 01, 2016
Special Section
The Craftsmanship of Life Writing Nigel Hamilton HTML
Biography Studies in Holland Hans Renders HTML
Comparative Biography
A Ray of Light in the Darkness: “Life of the Buddha” in Different Cultural Contexts Zou Guangsheng HTML
The Narratives in Three Biographies of Wan Li Quan Zhan, Wei Xue HTML
Theory Study
On the Democratization of Oral History Wang Jun HTML
Transit, Tradition, Reflection: Life Writing Studies in the Anglosphere (2014 - 2015) Tang Xiumin HTML
History of Life Writing
Critical Responses to Samuel Johnson’s Life of Savage: A Survey Sun Yongbin HTML
Text Study
From Ups and Downs of Zhang Chunqiao to the Rise and Fall of the Gang of Four: The Gains and Losses of Ye Yonglie’s Life Writing Zhou Yunzhong HTML
“Everywhere Flies that Chinese Dragon”: Bruce Lee in the Hong Kong Biographies Wang Anqi HTML
Autobiography Study
Marking the End of a Life: The Testament as an Essential Element of Life Writing Sang Fengkang HTML
The Autobiographical Writings in Overseas Russian Literature in the Twentieth Century Wang Jiezhi HTML
The Three Stages in the Development of Australian Autobiography Zhang Wenru HTML
Letter Study
Stylistic and Critical: Zhou Zuoren’s Letters Tang Zhihui HTML
Subject Study
Power and Vividness: the Chinese Painting Master Liang Kai’s Art Li Fushun HTML
A Story of Lai Teck Yang Zhengrun HTML
The Russian Sinologist Boris L. Riftin: An Academic Career Li Mingbin HTML
The Truth Hidden Underneath the Phenomena: On the Dramas and Life of Harold Wu Xiao HTML
Image Life Writing
Manifesting the Uniqueness:the Textual and Graphic Narrative Principles in A Study of Zhuangyuan:Stories and Illustrations Liu Yunfei HTML
Humanising the Pathological Other: Documentary Photography and Biography in Zhang Lijie’s “The Rare” Daniel Vuillermin HTML
From Paper to Screen: Xiao Hong in the Biopic Golden Times Liu Tao HTML
Academic Info
The International Conference: "Life Writing and Film Biography in the Trans-Cultural Context (29-30 October, 2016)" HTML
Editor's Note Editor HTML
Call for Articles Editor HTML
From the Editor Editor HTML