Volume 06, Number 01, 2018
Special Section
Biography is a Branch of Historical Studies: An Interview with Jonathan Sperber Our Editor HTML
Special Section: Shakespeare Biography
Shakespeare’s Biography: Subverting the Traditional Discourse Yang Zhengrun HTML
Sentimentality and Literary Narrative in Contemporary Shakespeare’s Biography Mu Baoqing HTML
A Spatial Interpretation of Shakespeare’s Achievements in Ackroyd’s Shakespeare: The Biography Xu Qinchao HTML
Comparative Biography
Regretful, Delightful and Resentful: A Comparative Reading of Zhang Ailing’s Multiple Love in the Life Narratives Liu Ping HTML
Mia Farrow v.s. Woody Allen: A Metaphor for Biography as Courtroom Drama Mao Xu HTML
Theory Study
Writing Biographies for China and Her People: Reading Lin Yutang’s My Country and My People Wang Jun HTML
Text Study
The “Odd” Professor in the Dialogue between Poetry and Philosophy: The Image of Allan Bloom in Saul Bellow’s Literary Narrative Liang Qingbiao HTML
Autobiography Studies
The Autobiographical Orientation and Self-Shaping: The Case of Lu Xun’s Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk Wang Weisheng, Zou Guangsheng HTML
The Boundaries of Truth: On the Autobiographical Concepts of Modern Chinese Writers Han Bin HTML
The Trauma Treatment in Western Autobiography Wang Cong HTML
Subject Studies
On the Relationship between “Bloomsbury Circle” and Virginia Woolf Wang Wei, Yang Lixin HTML
Builder of the New Culture: On Gu Jiegang’s Concepts of the Old and the New Zhu Hongtao HTML
History of Life Writing
The Permanent Pursuit and Long Journey: On the Evolution of Writing and Publishing of Hu Shi Biography Wang Hongbo HTML
A Study of the Development of English Obituary Huang Rong HTML
Film Biography
On the Narrative Ethics of the Film Biography Gandhi Li Meimin HTML
Book Reviews
On the Interdisciplinary Research of Life Writing: An Inspiration from Ecology and Life Writing Li Tianqi HTML
“Share the Shame”: Curating the Childhood Self in Mortified Nation! Kate Douglas HTML
Academic Info
“Life Writing and Literature in the Trans-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Era”: A Conference Report Zhao Shankui HTML
Editor’s Note HTML
Instructions to Contribitors HTML
From the Editor HTML