Volume 06, Number 02, 2018
Special Section
Reflections on Biography and Its Theory: An Interview with Joanny Anne Moulin Tang Xiumin HTML
Theory Studies
Writing “Dreams of Splendor”: City Biography in China Lu Jianqiang HTML
“Helpe Others Out of a Fellow-Feeling”: The Romantic Science of the Pathography Daniel Vuillermin HTML
Comparative Biography
The Changeability of Textual Subjects in Biography—The Example of Early Lives of Milton Sun Yongbin HTML
The Happiness and Sadness in the Self-fashioning of Intellectual Women: A Comparative Study of The Past and My Miserable Life Liu Ping HTML
Text Studies
Stripping and Remodeling the Symbolic Identity: The Image of Oscar Wild in Peter Ackroyd’s Literary Narrative Wu Yiqun HTML
Emily Dickinson in the Eyes of Her Relatives and Friends: The Early Biographies Lu Jie HTML
Autobiography Studies
Autobiography of the Author’s Inner World: Chekhov and The Lady with the Dog Gao Yong HTML
The War Narrative in Irma Tam Soong’s Refugee Memoir Shen Chen HTML
Death-Writing and Self-Confirmation in Autobiography:Julian Barnes’ s Nothing to Be Frightened of Huang Lili HTML
Oral History Studies
Writing Lives for Women: A Case Study of S.A. Alexievich’s War’s Unwomanly Face Zhu Yan HTML
Special Education and I: The Oral History of Piao Yongxin: Interweaving and Coincidence of Personal History and Special Educational History Sun Hui HTML
History of Biography
Liu Xiaobiao's Borrowing Monk Biographies for His Annotations to A New Account of the Tales of the World: Monk Biographies in Buddhist Literature from China’s Six Dynasties to Tang Dynasty Yang Qing HTML
The Publishing of Translated Biography in Chinese by the Commercial Press(1903-1919): An Examination Hu Yan HTML
Subject Study
A Martyr to Faith: The Death of Thomas More Cai Qingchen HTML
Film Biography Studies
The Historicality of Film Biography: Case Studies of Shedding Blood for China and Lovely China Wu Couchun HTML
The Birth of a Story:From Einstein:His Life and Universe to Genius Liu Tao HTML
From Life Writers
My Reflections on the Craft of Literary Biography Sang Fengkang HTML
“Give to Caesar What Is Caesar's, and to God What Is God's”: The Founding Father of Huajian Ci: Life of Wen Tingyun and My Life Writing Career Li Jinshan HTML