Volume 05, Number 02, 2017
Special Section: Interview
“Writing for a Much Wider Audience”: An Interview with Leo Damrosch Editor HTML
Inspired by the Subjects: An Interview with Megan Marshall Editor HTML
Special Section: Shiji(Historical Records)Studies
Japanese Studies on Sima Qian and His Shiji since the Twentieth Century Chen Lingling HTML
History, Novel, Fable and Historical Biography: On the Literary Genres of Sima Qian's Shiji Wang Chengjun, Zhu Ying HTML
Theory Studies
The Life of the Mind in the Digital Age: An Interview with John Rodden Henk Vynckier HTML
Autofiction and Me Philippe Forest HTML
History of Life Writing
The Biographies of the Chinese Christians Composed by the British Missionaries in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Early Republican Period of China: An Overview Yin Dexiang HTML
Lives of Ancient Famous Doctors: An Examination ofModern Chinese Scholar Ding Fubao’s Medical Biography Yang Yiwang HTML
Discovering Overseas Chinese Intellectuals: Biographies of the Nanyang Chinese in a Journal in Modern China Wong Sin Kiong HTML
Cultural Aspects of Taiwanese Life Writings Under Japanese Occupation Yuan Qi HTML
Biography Studies
Autoethnography and the Subalterns’ Discourse: the Writing of China in A Daughter of Han Zhu Chunfa HTML
On the Edification of Samuel Johnson’s Lives of the English Poet Sun Yongbin HTML
Autobiography Studies
Disparate Images: The Mother-Father Metaphor in Y. C. Kuan’s Autobiographical Narratives Zhao Shankui HTML
The Art of Paradox in Paul Auster’s The Invention of Solitude Xue Yufeng HTML
Life Writing Resources
The Christian Literature Society: The Publication and Its Appeal of Translated Biography (1887-1919) Hu Yan HTML
Film Biography
The Media Interpretation of Modern Chinese Writers' Image Ma Chunjing HTML
The Artistic Stipulation of Biography: Retrieving the Writing Process of the Film Script Lu Xun: A Biography Wu Couchun HTML
Dare not Say Women Are Not Heroes: Biographic Films on Qiu Jin and Biopic Theories Lunpeng Ma HTML
Academic Info
Life Writing, Europe, and New Media: A Review of the Fifth Biennial IABA-Europe Conference Huang Rong HTML
Editor's Note Editor HTML
Call for Articles Editor HTML
From the Editor Editor HTML