Volume 03, Number 01, 2015
Special Section: Interviews with Experts
Life Writing: A Powerful New Genre Paula R. Backscheider HTML
Life Writing:A Rich and Versatile Field Thomas Couser HTML
Theory Study
Prose Poetry(Fu) and Biography: From the Original Function to the Composition Xu Jie HTML
The Return of Subject and the Challenges of Life Writing: A Preface to the Chinese Version of The Biographer's Revenge Liang Qingbiao HTML
Text Study
On Ye Yonglie's Biographical Literature Zhang Luosheng HTML
Autobiography Study
The Conversion Narrative in Autobiography Cao Lei HTML
Reasons for the Transformation in Modern Chinese Autobiography Huo Yuan HTML
The Autobiographer's Preset Identity and the Authenticity in Autobiography: A Study of Modern Chinese Literary Autobiography Han Bin HTML
The Value of The Autobiography of Wang Meng in Literary History Shi Jianguo HTML
Autobiography as a Kind of Moral Document: A Review of Diane Bjorklund's Interpreting the Self: Two Hundred Years of American Autobiography Bao Lei HTML
Memory, Emotion and Identity: On Jean Fritz's Childhood Autobiography Homesick: My Own Stor Zhu Chunfa HTML
“I Didn’t Remember It … I Wrote It”: The Blending of Lived Experience and Art in American Illness Narratives Sun Jiena HTML
An Untypical Autobiography in Verse: Features of Textuality in Ted Hughes' Birthday Letters Zhang Huifang HTML
Diary Study
A Research on Liu Kang's Diary Ho Yikai HTML
Subject Study
Ge Gongzhen's "Pink News": the Literary Imagination in Memoirs by Reporters in the Era of ROC Wu Xiang HTML
Book Reviews
An Innovation or a Deconstruction of Life Writing: A Review of Stephen Greenblatt's Will in the World:How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare Yuan Qi HTML
Authenticity in Biography and Other Issues: Reflections on Jia Yinghua's How to Write a Successful Biography Zhou Lingfeng HTML
From the Biographer
Chasing the Shadows of "the Republican Blue Cloud": Notes on My Sketches of Those Celebrities Zhang Changhua HTML
Academic Activity
"The Youth Forum on Issues in Modern Life Writing and Studies": An Overview Chen Liangliang HTML
Editor's Note Editor HTML
Call for Articles Editor HTML
From the Editor Editor HTML